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“Online business requires an established flight plan, and if you have one you will succeed. I really want all of my marketing team members to have access to all of these courses and software systems”.

- Steve Melton, Former Airline Pilot

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“Now I have a step-by-step plan that shows me how to dominate a market for my clients . . . “

- Caterina Christakos, Certified TZ Advisor

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I pursued these guys in order to “connect-all-the-dots” with search engine optimization but they taught me SO much more! I did not realize I was going to be shown how to put together an entire “Online Empire” from start to finish. I could even use these methods to build a sustainable online empire for a big corporation . . . it is truly mind blowing.”

- Kelly Broderick, Certified TZ Advisor

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“My mind is buzzing with clarity right now . . . “

- Kevin McCarthy, Certified Advisor

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“I have been searching for these guys (The Network Empire Team) for the last ten years!
- Lisa Reid, Certified Advisor
“NE Rocks.GSA — > DAS — Money Site. taught by Jimmy Kelly @ NE Arizona. Made my PA from 1 to 65 and sites ranking on 1st page top 3 spots. How Cool! Thats what I call Network Empire Top Gun :)”

- Qamar Zaman, Dallas SEO






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