Live Certification Training!

cert-2008tFinally. This is the place where we take off the gloves, and show you not only white hat, but also the black hat and “no hat” measures we have been doing for YEARS.  And how you can integrate everything… safely, effectively and sustainable.

Obviously this kind of training can only be done live and behind closed doors.

Seating is limited.

We have five highly skilled instructors, each who excel in their own disciplines, who will be guiding you through the the architectural understanding of the flexible framework of our One Web Ring System.

The Live Certification Training Event is followed up with four Advanced Training Courses and five  Certification Level Coaching Courses (see below for additional information on these courses).


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Live Certification Class of 2015


Live Certification Class of 2014


Event Starts Mar 21, 2016
in Scottsdale, AZ

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A List of Crazy Stuff That You Get:

Purchase Certification and "Unlock" All Certification Level Coaching (CLC) Courses and Advanced Training (AT) Courses: (note that if you opt for our payment plan access to these courses will drip out over the year as the next course is taught)

"Build Your Online Empire" LIVE and in Person with the Original Experts! Nothing Replaces Live Interaction With Our Entire Team, As We Look At Your Specific Online Business and Technical Needs!

"Putting It All Together!". Our One Web Ring Online Content Broadcasting System Is a Flexible Framework Built On Evergreen Technology Principles That Allows You to Easily Swap and Replace SEO Traffic Strategies and Platforms As The Internet Inevitably Changes!

Personal DAILY Access to the Entire Network Empire Domination Team During the Event!

Daily One-on-One Access to SEO Software Architect Sue Bell During the Event!

Daily One-on-One Access to SEO Master Jimmy Kelley During the Event!

Daily One-on-One Access to Online ROI Expert Matt Da Cruz During the Event!

Daily One-on-One Access to Neuromarketing Expert Russell During the Event!

Daily One-on-One Access to Semantic Web Expert Kevin Polley During the Event!

Elite Access to Sue and Jimmy's Most Guarded Black Magic SEO Secrets and Tricks that are ONLY Revealed at Our Live Events. (No Recordings Allowed For These Demonstrations)

Learn How to get your WR2 Website to a 90 Plus Domain Authority!

Deeper Training on Domain Authority Stacking and the End of Page Rank. What is REALLY Going On? (Rare Live Training with Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell)

Never Before Seen Hands-On Training for Your Specific Business Situation and Needs - and How To Make The Best Personal Use of the Web Ring SEO Market Domination System!

SEO Website Silo Architecture: The Right Way, The Wrong Way and The Unknown Facts. Learn from the Orginal SEO Silo Experts on When (and If) You Should Apply This Method!

SEO Website Silo WordPress Plugins: Get Hands-On Training from the Creators of the Only Technically Correct SEO Silo Plugin on the Market. Includes training on the All New Deep Silo Plugin, the All New Simple Silo Plugin and the All New Video Silo Plugin. We Wont Stop Until You Have Your Eureka Moment!

The Last Keyword Tool: Get Hands-On Training from the Creators of The Last Keyword Tool, Including Little-Known Tricks and Techniques for SEO Backlinking and Power-Moves Taught by Jimmy Kelley on How To Permanently Avoid Over-Optimization Penalties. The Last Keyword Tool is one of the only Consumer-Grade "Real-Time" Natural Language Processing Keyword Research Tools On The Market.

Krakken Vertical Online Market Analysis Software: Get Hands-On Training from the Creators of Krakken VOMA, arguably the most powerful Market Research and Theme Research Tool in the Market. Learn all of the Tricks and Tips Used By Our In-House Team to Dominate Markets All Day Long.

One Feed To Rule Them All, and the One Feed SuperCharger Plugin! Get the Secrets Behind the Secrets of (The All New) One Feed Supercharger SEO Plugin for WordPress. Learn Why We Made It and How To Use It To Dominate Online Markets.

SEO Recovery and Beyond! If You Thought Jimmy's SEO Traffic Hospital Panda and Penguin Recovery Method Was Amazing, Wait Until You Study With Us Live and In Person.

Automatic Video Traffic and "Powering Up" Your WR3 Domains. Want to Learn How To Generate Massive Traffic with Automatic Video Traffic and Move Beyond the Certification Level 3 Online Training? You Will Need To Show Up LIVE to See This Trick.

Beyond Google Skyfall and the Future of Google. You May Have Heard About Google Skyfall Update, but You May Want To Hear The Rest of the Story, Where It All Leads, And How To Protect Yourself From Where Skyfall Is Going!

Get Everything Connected. Even Long Time Certification Students Return Year After Year To Get Updates On Changes and Connect and Update Their One Web Ring System.

Hands On Advanced Training On How To Set Up Your Socially Activated, Semantically Integrated, One Web Ring, Perpetual Downstream Traffic and Domain Authority Stacking System.

One-on-One Business Architecture Workshop. Do You Really Know How You Make Money In Your Online Business? Or Are You Just Winging It?

Learn how Online Multi-Format Content Broadcasting Can Transition a PBN (Private Blog Network) to a PBBN Strategy and How You Can Use this To Enhance and Futureproof your Empire!

Learn Headline Conversion and Meme Propagation Tricks That Will Have Your Headlines Converting For Years To Come!    

Exclusive Access to the (All New) Krakken TRIDENT Automatic Market Blueprints. This Process Runs Hundreds of Advanced Krakken Research Drill and Creates a MASSIVE Silo Structured Blueprint, Allowing You To Literally "Swallow Your Market Whole."


Priority Access to the (All New) Video Krakken Dominator Automatic Video Traffic Plugin that Blows Away the Current Public Version!

Lifetime Access to Our Ever Growing and Evolving Executive Training and Certification Member's Only Area!


Upon Final Certification, Get Added to Our Elite Certified Agent Directory!


12 Month Payment Plan

For a limited time, we will offer a payment plan for Live Certification. If you sign up prior to  June 1rst, 2015 and pay your non-refundable deposit, your first installment will be due the 1st of the  next month and on the 1st of each of the following months, until your installments are complete in March 2016.

Available until 1 Jan, 2016 is our same early bird special of a $10,000 discount.

Also the rules of Certification Discount still stand, as laid out on In other words, you may still subtract the price of any Certification Level Online Training Courses you have already taken, PLUS get the $10,000 discount PLUS opt for the 12 month payment plan. We realize that this will lower the bar for a LOT of people who have been wanting to come to our Live Event for years.

Now, even YOU can attend.

And this is perfect timing for you because – this is likely to be the most dangerous, powerful and intimate “Doors Closed” SEO and Profit-Making training event we have ever made available to the general public. Again, please see the complete list of Things That You Get when you reserve your NE Certification Seat for 2016.

Please watch the entire video above and follow the calls to action if you need to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you in person in April!

Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team

Update: Common Questions About The 12 Month Payment Plan

There is a 5% interest on the 12 month payment plan. You must reserve your seat for NE Live with the on-refundable hotel deposit of $3,000.00 which can be paid with check or direct bank deposit. After reserving your seat, we will provide you with a link to make your regular monthly payments using paypal or a credit card. This will give you access to all of the amazing benefits listed here.

So the payment formula will be:

($20k early bird price) -minus (your $3k deposit) = $17k  -minus X (X= any previous online certification classes purchased) /divided by 12 month = $1417 + 5 % interest = $1500/month for 12 months.

If you elect to pay the entire amount for your seat, there will be no interest fees.

We will walk you through this process, so don’t sweat it!

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If you buy

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Greg Morrison

(Advanced SEO Instructor and Well Known Traffic Coach)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Caterina Christakos

(Advanced SEO Instructor Product Creation Specialist)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Ben Johnson

(Advanced Copywriter, Online Marketer and SEO Specialist)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Michael Der

(Advanced Copywriter, Online Marketer and SEO  Specialist)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Bradley Benner

(Local Search Expert and Advanced SEO  Specialist)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Qamar Zama

(SEO Software Architect, SEO Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Kevin McCarthy

(SEO and Online Business Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Steve Melton

(Former Airline Pilot and SEO Marketing Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Lisa Reid

(SEO and Online Business Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Kevin McCarthy

(SEO and Online Business Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Kelly Broderick

(SEO and Online Business Expert)

Endorsement From Certified Advisor Caterina Christakos

(SEO and Online Business Expert)


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